Bitty City

Bitty City

A cluster of kid-sized city buildings, Bitty City includes City Hall, a post office, credit union, grocery store, diner, magazine stand, corner market and an orthodontist office. Visitors to this community will find ample opportunities for role-playing. Perhaps you’ll find yourself working as a drive-through teller or as a bookseller in the street-style magazine stand. Or maybe you’ll be stocking supplies from the delivery truck located behind the diner, corner market and grocery store. It's your city!

Market Stocked By:

Royal Credit Union Financed By:

Good Grub Diner Dished Up By: 

Learning Goals

  • City Hall - In Bitty City, all bitty citizens vote on the question of the week!
  • Orthodontist - You’re the dentist! Have your patient take a seat in the chair, examine their x-rays and make a diagnosis.
  • Post Office - Grab the mailbag and faithfully deliver the mail to Bitty City businesses.
  • Bitty City Market - Run your own business, be a cashier, shop or stock the shelves!
  • Delivery Truck - Use the crates to restock the Half Moon Market or the Good Grub Diner
  • Good Grub Diner - Serve up some delicious food or be a hungry customer!
  • Royal Credit Union - Use the vault to play a memory game or be a bank teller and help customers at the drive-thru window.
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