Our Family Farm

Our Family Farm

Learn what’s so great about the Dairy State with an interactive farming exhibit! Bale hay, milk Oreo the cow, visit with Cookie the calf or drive the giant tractor! 

Sponsored By:

Marjorie & Claire Johnson
Betsy Kell
Mel and Leann Breed
Lasker Jewelers
Charter Bank
Slavko & Beth Ivankovic

Learning Goals

  • Meet & Milk Oreo the cow - She loves to eat hay and will even let you milk her if you’re gentle. Yum, fresh cream. You can also visit and feed Oreo's new calf, Cookie!
  • The Barn - Bale the hay and play inside of our beautiful red barn. Climb up the loft and let your imagination run wild!
  • I Spy - Get up close and personal with wheat, oats, barley and corn with these fun ispy bottles! Can you guess what products are made from these ingredients?
  • Plinko Board - What can YOU make from milk? Play the game and find out!
  • Drive the Tractor - Get ready to plow the fields on this full-size John Deere tractor! Feel the wind in your face and the sun on your back as you live a farmer’s life.
  • iPlay Station – Although the Museum is almost completely screen-free, it’s important that kids to navigate technology well. The iPlay station lets kids explore agriculture and farming through a selection of games on four different iPads!
the power of play cmec provides a wealth of opportunities for learning through play
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