Water Works

Water Works

The CMEC’s lower level exhibit, Water Works, is making a big splash! Since opening in April 2009, children and grown-ups alike have enjoyed exploring the power and properties of water through interactive play with pumps, wheels, pipes and other elements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety reasons, children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Also, kids will get wet! We will provide waterproof smocks and hand dryers have been installed, but packing some extra clothing isn't a bad idea!

Helping Us Make a Splash!

Marjorie & Claire Johnson
Elizabeth Brinn Foundation,
Group Health Cooperative
Mega Charities Foundation

Learning Goals

  • Ball Launch - This component begins the main watercourse. Here, children drop balls into a series of clear plastic tubes. By turning valves to increase or decrease pressure inside the tubes, they can send their ball all the way up the trackway that runs above the pipe play area.
  • Pipe Play - Children can build free-form water sculptures with a series of connecting pipes that spray water out the top. They can also connect the pipes to nozzles that take aim at playful chimes and other contraptions.
  • Falling Water - As balls feed out of the overhead trackway above the pipe play area, they travel down a maze of troughs that direct them into the water table below.
  • Archimedes Screw - As balls feed down the watercourse trackway, children turn a hand crank that moves the water and balls up an Archimedes screw and down into another water table.
  • Buckets & Conveyers - Children turn a large crank to start a series of buckets that scoop water and balls along a vertical conveyer, carrying them upwards to a trough which spills them down into a swirling vortex.
  • Toddler Table - This stand-alone table for toddlers features a playful water flute that shoots water from its center, floatable boats, and other water toys.
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