Play Space is the temporary home of some of the Children's Museum of Eau Claire's most beloved exhibits and interactive programs. While we are in the middle of building a brand new museum, Play Space is a one-room space meant to be enjoyed by all. However, it is most appropriate for children under the age of 10.

All tickets are $5/person for non-members over the ages of 1. Walk-ins welcome!

Play Space Locations

Event Space Rentals

Birthday Parties

Let’s Party! Celebrate your child’s next birthday at CMEC! Parties at CMEC are a great way to spend time with your family and friends in a fun, hands-on, and educational environment.

Rocket Climbers, an exclusive party room, and unlimited play at the museum – our goal is to make your party experience affordable, easy and hassle free. This will surely be an unforgettable celebration! We make it easy and affordable for you to celebrate like never before.

Ready to book?  We offer bookings Saturdays at 12:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Upon booking, your birthday party coordinator will reach out via email room deposit must be paid in full upon booking.

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Private Rentals

We offer a ready-to-go space for festive family reunions, corporate events, fundraisers, and out-of-the-ordinary fun. It doesn’t get any easier than hosting an unforgettable event in an exciting venue with built-in entertainment!
Ready to book?  We offer bookings Saturdays at 12:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Upon booking, your party coordinator will reach out via email room deposit must be paid in full upon booking.

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Special Events

CMEC hosts a variety of signature, highly-anticipated special events each year, offering magical experiences for the whole family. Tickets go on sale approximately one month prior to each event.

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Summer Camps 2022

Registration begins March 2023

Camp Space Quest
Grade Level:
4K - K

Join us on a journey through space! We'll learn about constellations, experiment like the astronauts and take a virtual tour of our solar system in our inflatable planetarium. - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Smart Snacks
Grade Level:
K - 1

Each child will use real kitchen tools to chop, prep, cook and taste the dishes they help prepare. Bon Apetit! - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Mini Makers
Grade Level:
4K - K

Let your child's creative side flourish in this camp! They'll have access to unlimited crafting supplies to create anything and everything they can imagine. We'll provide the string, beads, wood, tape, etc., to create the project of their dreams...and they'll take everything they make home! - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Diggin' for Dinos
Grade Level:
4K - K

Dig into an adventure packed with fossilized fun! Uncover clues from the past as your child participates in a fossil excavation, learns about extinct creatures, and creates their own fossils to take home! - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Smart Snack - Seniors
Grade Level:

Come cook with real kitchen tools! Each child will prep, cook, and taste the dishes that they help to prepare. Bon Apetit! - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Good to Grow
Grade Level:
4K - K

It's growing season in Wisconsin - join us in a journey from farm to fork as we learn about the foods you eat! We'll plant, tend, and study seeds to take to your home garden as well as taste local produce from our downtown farmer's market. - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Design & Build
Grade Level:
1 - 2

Your child can try their best at using real tools to hammer and nail their own creations! Everyone will have the chance to assemble their own tool box and use their creativity to build with a variety of materials. - Discount Code 2022ECASD

Camp Healthy Habits
Grade Level:
4K - K

Mindfulness, movement, play and creativity help make your mind and body healthy and happy. Join us to learn about adding these healthy habits into your life! - Discount Code 2022ECASD

COVID-19 Precautions

At CMEC, we strive to provide a safe space for children of all ages. This means that we take precautions to prevent the spread of all diseases, including the COVID-19 virus.

Questions? Call us at (715) 832-5437

Not sure if Play Space is right for your kiddos? Stop by and check it out - you can come in and take a look at the space for free!

  • We are currently MASKS OPTIONAL for all visitors over the age of 2 years old (Please do your best).
  • Due to the fluid nature of this pandemic, we ask that you please be prepared to wear a mask properly if asked to do so.
  • We have masks, hand sanitizer, and wash stations available to anyone in our lobby.
Covid Procedures