Your Guide to a Memorable Educational Experience

Educate With Play

Dive into a world of interactive learning and imaginative play with our specially designed field trips that cater to the curiosity and growth of every young mind. Explore the possibilities for an unforgettable educational adventure that both teachers and students will cherish.

Reserve Your DateField Trip Guide

Trips include 2 hours of self-guided exploration of the Museum’s 2 floors of interactive exhibits, at your own pace.


All trips are $6.00 per child. Payment is due in full on field trip date unless you previously arrange to be invoiced.


Chaperones are required and admitted for free at a ratio of 1 chaperone per 5 children.  Exceptions are 1:1 teacher aids.


Museum memberships are NOT valid for field trip visits. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this policy.


Since our fields trips are a popular option for local schools, we recommend reserving your date at least 60 days in advance.

Plan Ahead

Important Info for Educators Planning Trips

Getting the Most Out of Your Museum Visit

To facilitate a seamless field trip planning experience, we've distilled essential information into a concise FAQ section, addressing common inquiries about your upcoming visit to the Children's Museum of Eau Claire. For personalized assistance or further queries, our team is readily accessible at (715) 832-5437 or

Field Trip Age Range at the Children's Museum of Eau Claire
Visiting Hours for Group Trips
Field Trip Costs
Chaperone Policy
Group Transportation and Parking
Scheduling Your Field Trip

Helpful Tips & Reminders

1. Leave coats and personal items on the bus

2. Field trips start with a 10-minute orientation from our museum staff

3. Attentive and involved chaperones make for a great visit

4. Chaperones are expected to enforce the museum rules

5. 15 minutes prior to departure, staff will announce rest room and pick-up time