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Private Rental Benefits

Booking an after-hours private rental at CMEC can offer a unique and memorable experience as well as provide a wide range of benefits, from exclusivity and flexibility to enhanced safety and educational opportunities.  It is a unique way to create lasting memories for children and adults alike.

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Kids can celebrate with interactive exhibits, free from overcrowding and strangers while in a thrilling and safe environment.

Birthday Parties

Perfect for team-building, employee family days, holiday parties, or fundraisers, offering a fun, creative, and relaxed bonding atmosphere.

Corporate Events

A unique setting for parent groups, social clubs, or community clubs to connect and socialize while children playfully explore.

Networking & Socializing

Enjoy a museum privately, ideal for intimate, engaging events like family gatherings or birthday parties, without the crowds.

Exclusive Access

Avoid the crowds and time constraints. Private rentals allow groups to explore at their own leisure, ensuring a relaxed experience.

Less Stress

Crafted for kids with diverse needs, offering a controlled, sensory-friendly setting for more accommodating and inclusive group activities.

Inclusive Gatherings

What's Included

With an after-hours party at CMEC, you receive:

∙2 hours of private access to the whole museum and our 24,000 square feet of hands-on, interactive exhibits along with 3000 square feet of our outside space

∙Admission for up to 250 guests

∙Access to our front area for tables and chairs.  Food and drink are allowed in the museum

You Should Know

Below are a collection of common questions and concerns our visitors ask us.

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